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At our next concert (June 12, 2016):

 Hot Club of Saratoga

Hot Club of Saratoga, New York Saratoga/Capital Region’s premier gypsy swing quintet, plays a repertoire that reflects the spirit and style originated by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli in The Quintet of the Hot Club of France most prominent in the 1930s and kept alive through a long line of gypsy jazz artists since that time. Most of the tunes Hot Club of Saratoga plays were written or recorded by Django at some time in his musical life.  

The instrumentation of the full quintet of the Hot Club of Saratoga, solo and rhythm guitars, string bass, violin, and clarinet/sax, allows us to explore this style throughout the range of its roots. Since forming in early 2013, Hot Club of Saratoga has brought the hot swing sound to coffee houses, restaurants, bars, clubs, swing dances, festivals, weddings, and numerous private parties. If you’re looking for gypsy swing true to its origins while subtly expanding the genre, music that just makes you smile and move, give us a listen.

Chad Tallman on solo guitar brings his study of Django’s style and unique phrasing to every performance. He earned a music degree at Ithaca College with a focus on classical guitar. In addition to teaching guitar, Chad has played in several rock and funk bands over the years. He had stopped playing guitar altogether at one point for 2 years when one day he heard Django with fresh ears. He pulled the guitar back out with renewed enthusiasm and hasn’t looked back since. When not playing guitar, you can usually find him creating a different sort of sweet lick at The Bread Basket Bakery, where he is pastry chef in his family business.

The unique rhythm style providing both chordal backup and percussive drive called “la pompe” (the pump) is maintained under all the soloists by Chuck Kish on rhythm guitar. Chuck comes to gypsy jazz from a background of rock organ, folk music with guitar and some dulcimer, and most recently jazz guitar. His "formal training" is restricted to accordion lessons as a kid and guitar lessons at various times in later years after being self-taught since college days. In addition to playing, Chuck dabbles in instrument building, having built a couple of guitars, including the one he plays in HCS, as well as a hammered dulcimer, numerous mountain dulcimers and kalimbas.

Violinist Tucker Callander is a native of the Capital Region, growing up in Latham and attending Shaker High School. He has been performing in the area since he was 10 years old with various groups, including the Empire State Youth Orchestra, Glens Falls Symphony, and Schenectady Symphony. He has had the opportunity to perform in Europe on several occasions, including serving as the principal 2nd violinist in the Conservatoire de Strasbourg Symphony Orchestra while studying abroad.

Mr. Callander attended Syracuse University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in violin performance. He served as the concertmaster his senior year.  After graduating, he began branching out of the classical world into a variety of genres, from country to jazz to rock. He has played in front of sold out crowds at the Times Union Center and at music festivals such as Country Fest. He currently plays in several groups including the Hot Club of Saratoga, the Chelsea Cavanaugh Band, and Chilly Nickels.

Jonathan Greene is an active jazz, world and classical multi-instrumen-talist. Most recently, Jonathan had the honor of playing with groups that opened for Jay Leno at Proctors, as well as Marcus Roberts and Anat Cohen at the Troy Music Hall. He has also subbed on clarinet for the Albany and Glens Falls Symphony orchestras. 

He is the founder of Grid, Saratoga's online newspaper.

Holding it all together and often leading off in new directions is  Dylan Perrillo on string bass. Dylan grew up in the sunshiny village of Voorheesville, where was he fortunate enough to have participated in their wonderful music program beginning in primary school. Originally having played guitar at the age of 7, he found that his skills were rendered useless when his older brother, Tyler, began playing guitar as well. Thus, it became clear to the young lad that switching over to the electric bass was necessary. When Dylan entered his studies at Schenectady County Community College, he learned to play the upright bass and began playing with musicians from around the capital district. Since then, he has had the pleasure of performing with some really great people from all over the country. Dylan greatly enjoys being a part of the Hot Club of Saratoga for the music and fellowship it employs.