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The Lee Shaw Scholarship Fund

Click on the artist to see photos (more to come!) of our past concerts. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader« in order to view them. If you don't already have it on your system, you can download it for free by clicking here.

Photos by Bill Delaney and Bev Elander

Oct 19, 2003 Lee Shaw Trio
Mar 28, 2004 Swingtime Jazz All-Stars (Jody Shayne, Peg Delaney, Bill Delaney, Tim Coakley)
Sep 19, 2004 Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band
Apr 3, 2005 Colleen Pratt & Friends
Oct 2, 2005 Sonny & Perley Quartet
Nov 20, 2005 Leo Russo Quartet
Mar 26, 2006 The Jazz Voices
Jun 18, 2006 Erica Lindsey/Francesca Tanksley Quartet with Otto Gardner and Jeff Siegel
Oct 8, 2006 All-Star Quartet featuring Lee Shaw, Mike Canonico, Tim Coakley and Rich Syracuse
Jan 21, 2007 Sarah Pedinottti & Her Trio      
Jun 10, 2007 Doc Scanlon Trio with Dan Levenson; Doc Scanlon's Rhythm Boys                                         
Oct 14, 2007       The Jazz Voices        
Jan 13, 2008 Albany Jazz Collective (Brian Patneaude, Keith Pray, Steve Lambert, Dave Payette, Mike DelPrete and Joe Barna)        
Mar 9, 2008 Adrian Cohen Trio with John Menegon and Danny Whelchel
June 8, 2008 Peg & Bill Delaney, Mike Canonico, Tom Cheles, Mark Anthony plus Dale Foster's vocals
Oct 26, 2008 Adirondack Saxophone Quartet plus Mike Wicks (bass) and Mark Foster (drums)         
Jan 11, 2009 Patti-O and The Hip Hooligans, with Patti Melita (leader & vocals), Peter Ecklund (trumpet/cornet), Bernie Mulleda (guitar), Nat Phipps (keyboard), Pete Toigo (bass) and Tim Coakley (drums)
Mar 8, 2009 Jazz Factor: Paul Supple (trumpet), Paul Couch (sax), Scott Bassinson (piano), Mike Wicks (bass) and Rob Cenci (drums)
Jun 14, 2009 Teresa Broadwell Quartet
Oct 18, 2009 String of Pearls (Sue Halloran, Jeanne O'Connor and Holli Ross)
Jan 10, 2010 Joe Finn Quintet with Dan Faulk
Mar 14, 2010 Teri Roiger Quartet
Jun 13, 2010 Michael Benedict Jazz Vibes
Oct 12, 2010 Jill Hughes
Jan 9, 2011 Nat Phipps Trio with Jeanne O'Connor
Mar 13, 2011 ESYO Youth Jazz Ensemble led by Paul Evoskevich
Jun 12, 2011 Ultimate All-Stars: Lee Shaw (piano), Lew Petteys (sax), Mike Canonico (trumpet), Ken Olsen (trombone), Bill Delaney (bass), Pete Sweeney (drums) and special guest Jeanne O'Connor (vocals)
Oct 9, 2011 Nancy Donnelly (vocals) with Peter Tomlinson (piano), Otto Gardner (bass) and Peter O'Brien (drums)
Dec 27, 2011 A special joint presentation with A Place for Jazz and 1st Reformed Church of Schenectady: Lee Shaw Trio
Jan 8, 2012 Tim Olsen Quintet
Mar 11, 2012 Nina Sheldon with Otto Gardner (bass), Peter O'Brien (drums) and Peter Einhorn (guitar)
Jun 10, 2012 Al Haugen (accordion) Quartet with Don Egry (keyboard), Lou Pappas (bass) and Bob Halek (drums)
Jun 23, 2012 A special concert featuring the Luca Ciarla Quartet
Oct 14, 2012 Georgie Wonders Orchestra
Jan 13, 2013 Lee Shaw Trio with Rich Syrause and Jeff Siegel
Mar 13, 2013 Terry Gordon Quintet with Eric Walentowicz, Michael-Louis Smith, Bill Lawrence and Matthew Maguire
Jun 9, 2013 We B3: Mike Lamkin, Joe Finn, Cliff Brucker, Lee Russo
Oct 13, 2013 Jody Shayne with Scott Bassinson, Russ Brooks, Hal Miller
Jan 12, 2014 Dave Gleason Trio with Mike Lawrence & Pete Sweeney
Mar 9, 2014 Steve Lambert Quintet with Adam Siegel, George Muscatello, Bobby Kendall & Bob Halek
Jun 8, 2014 Jeanne O'Connor-Richard Lanham Quintet with Peg Delaney, Mike Lawrence & Pete Sweeney
Oct 12,2014 Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius and Heard, featuring Brian Melick
Jan 11, 2015 Mark Kleinhaut, with Chris Pasin, John Menegon & Bob Halek
Mar 8, 2015 Tim Olsen and Union College Jazz Ensemble
Jun 14, 2015 Mark Capon, Pete Toigo & Mark Foster
Oct 18, 2015 Paul Mastriani, Pete Toigo and Paul J. Mastriani
Jan 10, 2016 Sonny & Perley Quartet with Brian Melick & Bobby Kendall
Mar 13, 2016 Nitro Jive: Bill Deuell, Scott Hall, Eric Wallentowicz, Michel Lamkin, Jon Bronk, Jef Dowd, Erik Johnson
Jun 12, 2016 Hot Club of Saratoga: Chad Tallman, Chuck Kish, Tucker Callender, Jonathan Greene, Dylan Perrillo
Oct 9, 2016 Dadtet: Dave Fisk, David Gleason, Andrew Hearn, Mike Lawrence, Ben O'Shea, Brian Patneaude
Jan 8, 2017 Alegria: Maria Zemantausky, Monica Roach, JosÚ Moralles, Brian Melick
Mar 12, 2017 Steve Horowitz, Jack Speraw, Peter Tomlinson, Lou Pappas, Tim Coakley
Jun 11, 2017 Gals Who Play Jazz: Peg Delaney, Patti Melita, Linda Brown, Kristina Johnson, Alyssa Falk-Verheyn
Oct 8, 2017 Charles Cornell, Steve Kirsty, Matt Niedbalski, Nate Giroux
Jan 14, 2018 Michael Benedict, Dave Gleason, Pete Sweeney, Mike Lawrence
Mar 11, 2018 Bronte Roman, Eric Walentowicz, Wayne Hawkins, Pat Perkinson, Ernest LaRouche
Jun 10, 2018 Nate Giroux, Tyler Giroux, Luke Franco, Dylan Perrillo, Matt Niedbalski
Oct 14, 2018 Scott Bassinson, Lee Russo, Dylan Canterbury, Otto Gardner, Joe Barna
Jan 13, 2019 Teresa Broadwell Mike Novakowski, Leo Russo, Pete Toigo, Michael Lamkin, Cliff Brucker
Mar 10. 2019 Ragtime Windjammers: Dave Lambert, Steve Lambert, Woody Strobeck, Ron Bill, Mike Lawrence, Tim Coakley
Jun 9, 2019 Dylan Canterbury, Bian Patneaude, Rob Lindquist, John Menegon, Quinton Cain
Oct 13, 2019 Wayne Hawkins, Lou Smaldone, Cliff Brucker
Jan 12, 2020 Dave Fisk, Steve Lambert, Joe Finn, Mike Lawrence, Andy Hearn
Mar 8, 2020 Jeanine Ouderkirk, Shaun McCarthy, Lou Smaldone, Blair Purdy
June 13, 2021 Tanager: Megan Gebert, Scott Vorwald, Boll Hoeprich, Andrew Mollica, Ben Rau